Will you cover Blueprint in Unreal?

Yes, we use Blueprint if it's more suited to the task then C++. For example specifying how things move, binding input, building assets, AI behaviour and more. We first use it in Section 3 (Building Escape) and then use it extensively throughout the course.
In Section 4 (Battle Tank) we sometimes prototype our code in Blueprint and then translate it to C++.
If your intention is to build games in Blueprint only then you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of how it works by taking the course and following along with the C++ content.

Please also note we have planned to have a section of the course explain when its best practice to use Blueprint vs. C++ in Unreal Engine 4. For more info see: http://help.gamedev.tv/forums/356757-content-suggestions/suggestions/13736976-overview-of-when-its-best-practice-to-use-blueprin

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