What IDE can I use with Unreal?

You may be wondering whether you can use Qt Creator, MinGW, or some other IDE (Integrated Development Environment) rather than recommended Visual Studio, or Xcode with the Unreal course. This is an especially common question amongst Linux users.

In principle you can make any IDE integrate as Unreal is open-source. However, Unreal integrates with Visual Studio and Xcode for purposes of compiling from Unreal, hot-reloading and more.

We suggest you find a way of working with one of the two recommended compilers, for example if you're on a Linux consider running Windows via a Virtual Machine.

Note that from Unreal 4.12 for C++ programmers on Windows: Unreal Engine now requires Visual Studio 2015. All desktop versions of Visual Studio 2015 are supported, including the (free) Express and Community editions. Please upgrade at your convenience. See here

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