How different is Unreal Engine to Unity?

If you're considering our Unreal Engine Course, you may be wondering how different is it going to be if you are already using Unity 5?

What's very similar between Unity and Unreal...
  • The concepts of the 3D editor, inspector & hierarchy
  • The general way that objects, cameras and lighting work
  • Engine programming using Start (BeginPlay) and Update (Tick)
What's quite different...
  • C++ is a more challenging language than C#
  • Unreal's class system is much more complex and powerful
  • There are many more ways to do the same thing in Unreal.
Overall C++ is still the industry standard game programming language, and Unity is yet to make any AAA games for PC, Mac or Console.

What you'll learn from the Unreal Course will set you in good stead for your game programming career, regardless of which engine(s) you decide to use for future projects.

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