What headset(s) do I need for the VR course?

Our Unity VR course is designed to be taken with a Google Cardboard as a minimum hardware requirement. You could take the course with no headset at all, however you will get a lot more from the course with at least a Cardboard.

Got a Gear VR? No problem, you can take the entire course with this. If you have a Samsung Gear VR, there is no need for a Google Cardboard too.

Got an Oculus Rift? The course already supports Oculus Rift for one project, and once you've learnt how to use it you can convert the other projects.

To suggest, and keep track of the progress of other VR devices see the VRCourse category of our suggestions system here.

In the meantime you can enjoy the course without, and covert your projects later.

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